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Healing Stirs within a Hardened Heart

Tevet is melting in the sky. This morning it hung just above the evergreen trees before setting midmorning beneath the horizon. I’m a bit saddened to see Tevet’s waning crescent. I’m filled with the deep healing of this moon. Like a dear friend who’s leaving after an emotionally charged yet intimate visit, I’m happy-sad to [...]

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Hating to Heal

During every moon cycle, according to the Sefer Yetzirah, one specific area of sensory experience is on the hot seat of healing. In Tevet—until January 24—it’s anger. To increase healing during the moon of Tevet, we’re encouraged to recognize and feel our personal and cosmic anger. Typically, we learn to control anger Note: âthe incidence and [...]

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The Internal Heat of Tevet

The Tevet moon already is nearly three-quarters full. The final nights of Chanukah candles were still aglow when I noticed the smallest sliver of Tevet cresting high above the Nevada desert. After two weeks of uninterrupted vacation togetherness, my children’s little voices reached epic proportions. My boy’s face turned red and his little veins popped [...]

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