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The Taste of Healing

If there were ever a time to be more aware of how and when and why you eat, do it for this final week of Shevat. Specifically, focus on the taste of your food, which, according to the Sefer Yetzirah, brings even deeper-levels of healing into the world—into ourselves—during this moon cycle. Sarah Yehudit Schneider, [...]

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A Day of Song and Gratitude

This coming weekend is an opportunity to awaken and declare aloud—through song!—the gratitude and miracles of being alive. Soon, winter and spring begin the official dance of transition: some days remain dark and cold, while others begin to dawn the warmth of liberation and possibility. Beginning Friday at sundown, the Sabbath of Song is a 25-hour [...]

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What Are You Eating?

Your interaction with what and how you eat during this moon cycle of Shevat increases healing,  according to the Sefer Yetzirah. Not the nutritious healing that the modern medical establishment has been drilling into us for years. Nor the healing your critical voice may have been harping about for even longer! Healing by eating during [...]

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The Holy Reb Zusya

The Holy Reb Zusya of Blessed Memory (1718-1800) This post is in honor and blessing of the great life and teachings of the holy Reb Zusya, of blessed memory, who died on the 2nd of Shevat (today) in the Gregorian calendar year 1800. The first Reb Zusya story I ever heard instantly pierced my heart, and [...]

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Shevat Stirs Within

The moon cycle of Shevat crested in the sky last night, beginning a new month that ends at sundown February 22. The moon cycle of Shevat is intricately linked with the springtime. Although in Northern California it feels as if winter has just arrived, trees and animals have been in the depths of hibernation these [...]

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