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Quiet Words Heal Under Nissan’s Full Moon

Beginning Friday evening at sundown (April 6, 2012), millions of people around the globe will gather under the full moon of Nissan to lounge comfortably, eat good food, drink wine, and talk story. Typically, the topic is the torturous yet always miraculous journey from enslavement to freedom. The great 16th century rabbi and Jewish mystic [...]

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A Personal Sigh of Creation

Beautiful Nissan is a moon cycle filled with promises and miracles. No matter how challenging or shocking or devastating life is sometimes, the waxing Nissan moon is a symbolic assurance that nothing is relentlessly difficult forever. Our experiences shift. Whether we are “ready” or not, spring comes again. And it has. Officially, spring has arrived. [...]

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The Nissan Moon Springs Healing from Speech

Spring officially begins in the moon cycle of Nissan (which begins this weekend, March 24, through April 23, 2012). In fact, one of the names of Nissan is “the month of spring.” During the days of Nissan, the area of healing is centered on speech1. That is, everything you say aloud this month affects you. [...]

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