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Follow Your Nose

According Jewish mysticism, each moon cycle exudes healing through a specific area of focus. In Cheshvan, healing occurs through the sense of smell. You smell somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 smells a day. That’s a lot. Your breath and your smell are interrelated. They are connected to the parasympathetic nervous system. That means, they are activated [...]

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Deepening the Root Within

It’s been quiet around here. We’re at the edge of Yosemite National Park, far from city lights. The constant undertone of kinetic movement has stilled. We’re deep in the woods on a lake just across the way from a mama bear and her two cubs. The pace is slow. Each time I exhale, I see [...]

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Soul Sense

Not everyone walks around aware of the soul. This month, however, this awareness may be easier to access. Your soul is related to your breath and your smell. In fact, they all are connected. If you are conscious of one, you most likely can be attentive to the other two simply by being sensitive of [...]

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The Quiet Cheshvan Moon

The moon cycle of Cheshvan crests tonight and sheds its last light in the final weeks of November (October 29 through November 26, 2011). The focus of Cheshvan is to be quiet and to allow the insights and experiences of last month to deepen and take root within you. The last moon cycle of Tishrei [...]

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