Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

The Shaken Snowflakes of Your Heart

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Sep• 18•11

Elul is like those water filled dome toys that fascinate all children.  Each time small hands shake the miniature vacation scenes within, floating snowflakes suddenly appear everywhere.

During the Elul moon, it’s as if the Universe gently (or not!) shakes up the issues settled in our hearts. In these final weeks of Elul, open your perception even more to recognize the small residuals of issues floating all around you

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. If you grasp at them, they may disappear like melting snow. Instead, allow them to float within and around you. You may be surprised that flakes of long forgotten experiences still stake out territory in your heart. Others may be familiar, here for review after being set aside from relentless pursuit years ago. Some float by casually, so subtle and soft that you may miss their stirring.

According to the Kabbalistic book of Yetsirah, the healing area of Elul is action. This means that whatever action you take, healing occurs.  Be aware, however, in Western culture, action nearly always is equated with speed and change. Truthfully, the possibility of action is vast and not necessarily hurried.

Action may include: Asking; Seeking; Writing; Feeling; Talking; Holding; Learning; Listening; Smiling; Praying; Crying; Silence; Caring; Being; and more.

Don’t be quick to do anything. Yes, Elul is a moon of healing action. It is also a moon of deep compassion. Be as soft and gentle in your actions as the snowflakes floating around you.


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