Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Intensity of Tammuz Gushes Like a Waterfall

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Jul• 07•11

The moon is building in intensity and glow during this first week of Tammuz. Because the moon rises and sets one hour later than each previous day, the time when you can visually locate the moon in the sky varies

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. Some days the moon will escort you at the dinner hour while on other days it hangs in full view during afternoon tea or at dawn. In the middle of the Pacific, for example, the Tammuz moon currently is setting against a jet black evening sky, much past a child’s bedtime.

The Waxing Tammuz Sky, Wednesday night, Paia, Maui
The Waxing Tammuz Moon, Wednesday night, Paia, Maui

I use the visual moon as a mindfulness tool. Sometimes it peaks through a cloud or into a window frame (like it did last night), and the visual beam reminds me to pause and connect with myself and the Divine.

Every moon has a particular energetic flow associated with it. The four letter representation of the Divine name (Y-H-V-H) permutes into various forms specific to each moon cycle.

 In Nissan (springtime), for example, the Divine name is in its original form. During the Tammuz moon, it is exactly reversed (H-V-H-Y). Each letter holds a specific energetic flow: The H(ay) indicates where the greatest amount of movement and action is taking place; the V(av) indicates where the energetic flow moves swiftly through you; and the Y(ud) indicates a concentrated point of calm and focus.

When the Divine name is reversed during Tammuz, for example, the energetic flow amplifies action in the spiritual and emotional worlds. What happens to you this month may be intense and your feelings about it overwhelming. Still, it’s not advantageous to think or do anything about the heightened activity or feelings. Similar to a rapidly gushing waterfall, the intense movement flows through your thinking mind too rapidly for you to engage. Your actions are to still yourself, to be calm and focused within the storm of activity and emotion.

Use the moon in the sky as a reminder. When you feel engulfed by your experiences this month or you find yourself falling into an emotional vat of intensity, recognize the power of the Divine. Know that although you are participating in your life, you are not the final determiner of its happenings or outcomes. Sit still. Breathe deeply. Believe that the gifts of this month will reveal themselves. Accept that it is not advantageous to do anything about the events and emotions surrounding you. The days will pass, the moon will wane, the energetic flow will shift. Guaranteed.


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