Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Happy New You—I mean, Moon!

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Sep• 30•11

The Tishrei moon cycle runs from September 29 through October 28. It is filled with more holidays then any other month of the year. To stay in close connection with yourself, God, and the holiness that surrounds you, use each phase of the Tishrei moon as a cue.

Know that whatever it is you are doing during the moon cycle of Tishrei—whether your actions are intentionally holy or focused more on the mundane—it is being noted in the heavens and accepted. Your coming year is being reviewed, determined, and set into motion.

When the new moon of Tishrei crests in the sky, we celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the birthday of humanity. So, wish yourself a sacred happy birthday. During this phase of Tishrei, you receive an infusion of energy that specifically celebrates you. Be reminded of your unique purpose, and feel it move deeply within you.

Call to Action: Ask yourself, where are you? What is the reason for your unique existence? Make time at the start of this moon cycle to connect with yourself, the Divine spark within you, and the purposeful direction of your life.


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