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A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Hooked into Pure Holiness

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Oct• 07•11

The Tishrei moon grows in intensity for ten days, after which the infusion of light shifts from purpose to holiness.  On the eve of the tenth of Tishrei, as the sunsets, you touch the deepest part of your soul. You are in contact with the Divine in a way that you typically feel only at the most miraculous of times. Such as the undeniable holiness that allows a mother to pick up a 1,000 pound car to save her trapped child, or when you are standing beachside at dawn beneath a miraculous pink-hued sky and suddenly whales breach across the horizon.

At extraordinary times like these—and on the tenth of Tishrei—you are hooked into pure holiness. You experience holiness directly in your body, blowing past your emotions and intellect so that without interference you are moved by something larger than just yourself. Typically, this level of purity and holiness may take you by surprise. But on the tenth of this month, you can expect it.

Call to Action: Mark your calendar. Whether you are formally participating in temple services or ritual, make an appointment with yourself to have a direct and personal conversation with God. Connect with your breathing. Look around you and acknowledge the color of a flower, the miracle of strength in your body, the community that surrounds you. This is the holiest of days. You are encouraged to say aloud to the Divine any and all requests for the coming year that spill from your heart.


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