Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Deepening the Root Within

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Nov• 08•11

It’s been quiet around here. We’re at the edge of Yosemite National Park, far from city lights. The constant undertone of kinetic movement has stilled. We’re deep in the woods on a lake just across the way from a mama bear and her two cubs. The pace is slow

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. Each time I exhale, I see the warmth of my breath move in a cloud away from my lips.  It reminds me that my the soul and breath are connected.

Mama bear and her cubs before the first snow

Mama bear and her cubs before the first snow.

Last night, the nearly full Cheshvan moon reminded me of the integration taking place within me. I’m relishing the slower pace of this month; the quiet of this moon.  Each day—even if only for a moment—I’m making time to connect to the Divine plan unfolding within me. I’m embracing the experiences, people, prayers, and connections that stretched into my awareness during the previous moon of Tishrei. I’m meditating and writing. I’m noticing how I feel as I do my professional work. I’m asking myself: Is this action based on purpose and flow or is it habit and obligation? Am I present during interactions? What is my experience? Who am I now?

These quiet days of Cheshvan, provide the time and space to nuture the depth seeds that were planted within each of us during the (busy!) days of the Tishrei moon. These seeds eventually will grow and blossom into magnificent permutations throughout the year. For now, however, I take refuge in knowing there is no need for outward manifestation. Cheshvan grants us the time to simply allow our depth seeds to take root.

Allow the depth seeds to take root. (Sequoia National Park, 2011)

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