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A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Kislev’s Golden Path to Healing Is Sleep

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Dec• 02•11

I’ve been yearning for Kislev to arrive. I enjoyed the quiet moon cycle of last month’s Cheshvan; but now that Kislev is hanging in the sky, I’m delighted to bask beneath its glow. Already, Kislev has begun to grow. It hosts the longest nights of year, with less sunlight in North America than during any other season.

According to the Kabbalistic book of Yetzirah, each moon cycle in the Jewish calendar increases healing in one specific area of life. During the moon cycle of Kislev (November 27 through December 26), the area of amplified healing is sleep

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. That means, you are encouraged to crawl into bed early, snuggle beneath the down comforter, and settle in for a sweet night of golden dreams.

Snuggling In for a Night of Sleep

State your intention to receive healing.

As you slip between your bed sheets under the Kislev moon, readjust your pillow and be comfortable. Take a breath or two and, just before closing your eyes to go to sleep, say aloud to yourself and to the universe that you have the intention to heal during your evening slumber.

You can state your general desire to receive healing or you can be very specific. Either way, you must state your intention aloud (even if you barely whisper it under your breath). Be specific, or be general. But be clear. What you want is healing. And you want it while you are sleeping.

To help increase your healing during Kislev, I will feature throughout the moon cycle a four-step dream healing sequence inspired by The Jewish Dream Book: The Key to Opening the Inner Meaning of Your Dreams. Share about your own dreams and experiences this month by leaving a comment here. I look forward to hearing from you!


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