Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Kislev’s Light Reflects Greater Source

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Dec• 09•11

When I awoke this morning at 5:30 a.m., the bright white glow of the house suggested it already was dawn. Pulled down the hallway as if on the end of a string, my entire body smiled as I sighted the nearly full moon pouring light into our west-facing windows.

Kislev's Light is the Reflection of a Greater Source

After staring at the morning moon for a few minutes, I started to move away. But something inside tugged at me: “Stay here,” the little magnet in my belly said. “Stay here.” And so I did. I took a seat at the kitchen table and stared at the moon and its glow while concentrating on my breath. As I inhaled and exhaled, I was reminded that the moon has no light of its own. Instead, its glow is reflecting the sun’s light. This well known high school science fact was hard to fathom. The moon was so bright and beautiful—how is it not its own source of light?

Simon Jacobson talks about the concept of “no self” during the Kislev moon cycle. In Hebrew, “no self” or selflessness, is called “bitul,” and Jacobson is certain it is the key to true peace in the world. My maternal grandfather agrees. He used to say, “You are no more important than anyone else; and no one is more important than you.”

Each of us is reflecting and manifesting the same Divine light. Staring at the moon or at a candle and its flame points to this truth: We do not have our own light—we are reflections of Divine light. Our breath and soul are intricately connected, perhaps even the same. We may feel individually responsible for our troubles and our accomplishments; yet all of it is erroneous when we eclipse our source, our truest selves.

Make time to stare at the full moon these next few days. Breathe and feel yourself. Feel your strength and vulnerability

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. Acknowledge your resiliency and fragility. Whatever arises, whatever you experience, allow it to be present. Remember all of you is utterly dependent. There is nothing you accomplish truly on your own. It may feel like it’s yours—similar to how the moon appears to be its own source of light—but practice not staying with the illusion. Without exception, you are reflecting and manifesting the Divine.

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