Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Tammuz Heats Up

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Jul• 07•11

The new moon Tammuz crested in the sky four days ago (see photo in posting below). Today, however, I felt the inner affects of the Tammuz heat burn against my tender heart. Death pulled its card on two of my dear friends

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. Neither of them willingly summoned this indiscriminate power: one sits in the final hours of her mother-in-law’s physical life; the other is fighting for triumph with chemicals, blood transfusions, hospitals, and prayers.

My heart rumbles and shakes loose a thread of anger, sadness, loss, injustice and pain. I gaze up at the blue sky, dip into the Pacific, and feel a loss of vitality as the water moves over me. I brood over the sureness that bad things happen to good people. I ask why more fervently than the waves rolling to shore. And then I catch myself. I notice the pattern of frustration and fear overwhelming me whenever someone I love is unwell. I slow down my breathing and look with my eyes at the beauty that surrounds me.

Each moon cycle has a healing energy. For Tammuz, it is to see life as it really is. Not as I wish it to be, or delude myself into thinking that it is; but to actually see clearly. To wipe clean the accumulation of dirt from my vision and open myself to the Truth, with a capital T. I look around with the eyes of my soul and see beauty everywhere. The waves rolling toward me, seaweed floating, fish swimming, the shimmer of sun reflecting, children playing. I slow down my breath and feel an abundance of grace and gratitude. I am alive. I feel the fragility and strength of human life.

I look skyward and search for Tammuz. It isn’t in the sky, but I feel the Divine flow. And for that and for this one moment in time, I am grateful.

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