Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

Shevat Stirs Within

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Jan• 25•12

The moon cycle of Shevat crested in the sky last night, beginning a new month that ends at sundown February 22. The moon cycle of Shevat is intricately linked with the springtime. Although in Northern California it feels as if winter has just arrived, trees and animals have been in the depths of hibernation these past few months. At the full moon of Shevat—half way through this moon cycle—the winter season tips toward spring, awakening the Divine life force deep within the trees. Simultaneously, our own creative life force begins to move deeply within us, stirring the promises of hope, creativity, and renewal.

Even though your creative life juices begin to stir this month, you might not actually feel them. Do not fear. This is because creation is occurring on a level not readily available to your senses. Before your mind can conceive an idea, and earlier than you can emotionally attach to it, everything is first created in the spiritual world. This world is beyond your comprehension, but it absolutely exists. During the moon of Shevat, that which is being formed in the spiritual realm will be fully manifest in the physical world—the world in which you live—by early spring.

What do you hope to see realized in your life come spring? Shevat is a good time to envision and connect with these dreams. Do you yearn to deepen your relationship with or to find your soul mate? Do you wish you were healthier? Are you searching to find purposeful work? Do you want to write a book or skydive? Do you yearn to be more patient, to sleep longer hours, be less cranky?

Whatever are your dreams and hopes for the coming spring, spend time this month envisioning them. Connect with the reality that everything you imagine is already taking place in the spiritual world. Your awareness and intention shape the road toward actualizing your dreams come spring.

 Breath and Soul Intricately Connected

There is no physical representation of the spiritual world. The closest you can come to connecting with it is through your breath (your life force)

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. When you stop reading this post, concentrate for a few minutes on your belly. Feel the movement of your inhalation and exhalation, breath after breath. Feel your belly swell and deflate with air as you shift your awareness from skimming through this paragraph to breathing, stopping, and making the time to connect with yourself and the Divine.

Spend a few minutes (or more!) during the days of this moon cycle consciously inhaling and exhaling that which you hope manifests in the springtime. On your inhale breathe in your dreams. Those ideas and fantasies and hopes for the lifestyle you are imagining. And on your exhale let go, recognizing that ultimate outcomes are rarely dependent on you.

Inhale your desire. Exhale and let go of control.

(Please Note: Tomorrow’s post will honor the holy Reb Zusya of Hanipol, of blessed memory, who’s yartzeit (death day) is on the 2nd of Shevat in the Gregorian calendar year 1800.)

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