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A Day of Song and Gratitude

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Feb• 02•12

This coming weekend is an opportunity to awaken and declare aloud—through song!—the gratitude and miracles of being alive. Soon, winter and spring begin the official dance of transition: some days remain dark and cold, while others begin to dawn the warmth of liberation and possibility.

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Beginning Friday at sundown, the Sabbath of Song is a 25-hour period dedicated to singing expressions of thankfulness and praise. You may be in the depths of great challenges, still feeling the winter cold permeating your being

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. Or perhaps you already are feeling the kiss of spring awakening inside of you. Either way, this is the weekend to raise your voice and sing praises: You are alive!

Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song, commemorates the miracle of the Exodus, the Jewish people’s safe passage across the Red Sea, and the unquestionable knowing of Divine presence and protection that embodied the people then and now.

Whether you are undeniably content or facing severe challenges, open your mouth—especially this weekend—and allow sound to rise from your lips. Sing for your breath, for your life, for day-to-day existence. Celebrate the Divine unfolding, which promises light from darkness, birth from death, grace from despair.

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For 25-hours beginning at sundown on Friday, Feb. 4, do this (if you want):

Sing: As much as possible, just sing! Sing anything. Words, songs, prayers. Sing along with the radio or your favorite MP3. Sing aloud to the Divine. Hum, sing, croon your gratitude and blessings. Divine intervention is your birthright and your song is one of the highest forms of prayer.

Operatic Conversations: You can intone your sentences instead of talking them, as if you are in an opera. For instance, when you awaken, chant aloud to yourself, family, and/or housemates, “Good morning.” Ask your children in singsong, “What shall we have for dinner?” Serenade callers by answering phones with a melodious, “Good day.” All the while, allow your “songs” to rise in gratitude and blessing. (This is a fun one to do with kids—or with the kid within you!)

Birdseed: Join in the custom of putting out birdseed this weekend to encourage song to fill the air. Birdsong is spontaneous and continuous—a reminder to us all. Also, the return of birds from their winter migration patterns alludes to the coming spring.

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  1. tabulyogang says:

    The photos are very beautiful. Just by looking at them makes me grateful. Thank You.

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