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The Nissan Moon Springs Healing from Speech

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Mar• 23•12

Spring officially begins in the moon cycle of Nissan (which begins this weekend, March 24, through April 23, 2012). In fact, one of the names of Nissan is “the month of spring.”

During the days of Nissan, the area of healing is centered on speech1. That is, everything you say aloud this month affects you. At every time of year, speech influences your wellbeing —both what you say and what is said to you. During the Nissan moon, however, healing is even more particularly linked with your words.

All emotions are worthy, so allow yourself to feel everything; however, during this moon choose wisely what you say aloud. What you verbalize during Nissan connects to and affects your spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical healing. If your words are insulting, for example, you will amplify distress. If your utterances are considerate and gracious, warmth and kindness will radiate from you.

Intentional speech isn’t easy. What you say aloud often happens quickly without considering implications of injury or charm. You might be yelling at your neighbor for blocking your driveway before you realize that you are ruthlessly venting. Or you may tell someone that she’s beautiful, without noticing her younger sister’s hurt feelings at not being acknowledged. Don’t let that happen this moon cycle. Recommit to being conscious of what you say.

When you become angry during the Nissan moon, for example, you may commit to focus on truthful communication instead of verbal insults. Staying mindful of the healing affects of speech, you might tell your mother (instead of yelling at her or remaining silent) that when she does not ask how you are it makes you feel as if she doesn’t care about you. You may choose to further articulate your inner desire, and add that you wished the two of you were closer. You might even ask aloud if being more intimate is a possibility. All of these statements are your conscious participation in the healing force of speech associated with this moon cycle.

Are You Talking to Yourself?

It’s beneficial this moon to make the time to talk aloud. One way to do this is to schedule a few talking dates with yourself and/or with the Divine2. Choose in advance the times you commit to having an open-ended conversation with yourself and/or the Divine, and mark them on your calendar. The appointments can be as short as five minutes or for as long as you like. When the time comes, be sure you won’t be disturbed and honor your appointment.

There doesn’t need to be any formal ending or beginning to this conversation. You can simply begin. If you don’t know what to say, start by saying: “I don’t know what to say…” and talk about that.  Or, begin by listing everything for which you are grateful: your breath, your children, the clothes you are wearing, the food you’ve eaten, the weather, and so on. From there, you may describe where you are standing, you can mention how you are feeling, you can review your day, you can state aloud that you feel awkward or happy or bored or grateful, and then expand on why you have those feelings.

The goal is to speak for a certain amount of time. If you are at a loss for words, repeatedly ask yourself a question. For example, freedom is a significant theme of this moon cycle (more on this in a later post). During Nissan, millions of people all over the world celebrate Passover, a holiday when family, friends, and strangers comfortably sit together, share a meal, and retell the story of the Jewish people’s historical journey from slavery to freedom. So, during your appointment with the Divine, you could ask yourself aloud: “What comes between me and personal freedom?” “What is freedom?” “Am I free?” Answer yourself without overthinking. The point is to talk, to allow yourself to speak freely and aloud without restriction.

Talking to yourself and/or to the Divine may feel weird at first. But try it. You don’t have to speak loudly. Your declarations can be whispered beneath your own breath and audible only to you and/or to nature. You can cry, whine, exclaim, murmur, sigh, yell, scream at the top of your lungs—whatever sound and words come from you is acceptable. It may be easier to do if you are outside in a garden. Or perhaps you would feel more comfortable in a room with a closed door. Or in your car. Wherever you are, pledge to make a few appointments to talk out loud this month.

Let’s Talk about That

Nissan is also an auspicious time to talk with others. Take note: With whom in your life would you like to converse?  Reach out to those people and schedule a talking date. If the person lives close to you, you can suggest a walk together or to meet at the coffee shop. If they live too far away to physically meet, you can choose a favorite location in which you will sit and talk with them on a telephone or visually connect and talk with them on the computer.

Conversations during Nissan are healing regardless of their purpose. Your talking date may be very pointed and intentional, or one that is enjoyable and untroubled. You can use talking dates to work out friction or simply to connect with someone.  Whatever is the objective, speaking this month will contribute to your vitality and strength.

The moon cycle of Nissan provides the opportunity to embrace the fresh start of spring and to receive healing by speaking out loud with care and intention.  To appreciate this moon’s spring cycle: Make the time to say it out loud.


1. Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation, translated by Aryeh Kaplan (1997).

2.  Hitbodedut, “being alone with God,” is an ancient Jewish mystical meditation technique brought into popular use by Reb Nachman of Bretzlov, grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement. Students of Reb Nachman spent at least one hour a day outdoors pouring their hearts out to the Holy One.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks, I really needed to read this today. Lots of turmoil going on in my life recently and I think if I had read this at the begining of April things would have been different. Remembering to think before we speak is a skill I need to implement into my life more often.

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