Moon Over Maui

A Jewish Mystical Journey through the Year

A Personal Sigh of Creation

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - Apr• 02•12

Beautiful Nissan is a moon cycle filled with promises and miracles. No matter how challenging or shocking or devastating life is sometimes, the waxing Nissan moon is a symbolic assurance that nothing is relentlessly difficult forever. Our experiences shift. Whether we are “ready” or not, spring comes again. And it has. Officially, spring has arrived.

Even with lingering downpours and colder weather, we have arrived in the season of new birth, new beginnings, and fresh starts. Life is moving on. Dreams are breaking from their hardened shells of confinement, and blossoming into reality. It’s time to exhale, sigh, and relax a little.

Every moon cycle, according to the oldest book of Jewish mysticism, the Sefer Yetzirah, has a Hebrew letter associated with it. For the moon cycle of Nissan, it is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the hey.

Hebrew is a gender-based language. When hey is added to the end of a Hebrew word, it turns that word into feminine form. In the Jewish tradition, four letters—two of which are hey— represent the name of God. Therefore, the letter hey is a symbol of divinity, and specifically, feminine divinity.

The Sound of All Creation

Take a moment to exhale. While you are reading this, right now, actually breathe in through your noise and then exhale with a sigh through your mouth. That whispered whoosh—“haaaaaaaaaa”—is the sound of the letter hey. It is your breath moving from within you and within the Universe. There is no utterance you can make without your breath, which means the letter hey —“haaaaaaaaaa”—is the beginning of every spoken sound

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Try it. Make some noise. Every verbal expression originates from the hey—“haaaaaaaaaa.”

Modern and alternative medicine has proven that making time to exhale is good for you. Intentional breathing provides moments of pause, of respite. It calms your parasympathetic nervous system. Halts the “fight or flight” impulse. Delays reactions. And, truth be told, just feels good. So, sigh. Whenever you remember, take a sweet inhalation through your noise and exhale with the hey—“haaaaaaaaaa.” Do this frequently, whenever you remember, and especially during these next few weeks under the Nissan moon.

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