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The Letter of Connection

Written By: Jueli Garfinkle - May• 01•12

Every moon cycle has a Hebrew letter associated with it. For the month of Iyar, it is the vav, the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The vav is a connector letter. When the vav is placed in front of any word, it is the Hebrew equivalent of the English article “and.” For example, “v’ ha’aretz” means “and (planet) earth.”



Individual Connection 

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, in his wonderful The Book of Letters makes the point that it might seem the connector letter visually would be a horizontal line ——— connecting one to another by touching each side. But instead, the vav is a vertical line between heaven and earth. As a vertical line, each side remains complete and individual on both sides of the connection.

Commonly, especially in the Western US, being connected in relationship often is synonymous with merging. Empathy inaccurately becomes absorption. The vav reminds us that healthy relationship is only possible when you are able to stay in touch with your own breathing, your own feelings and experience. You allow another’s experience (or environment) to penetrate you—but not to become you!



Six Sides of Complete Healing

Every object in the world, including you, has six sides: above, below, in front of you, behind you, to the left, and to the right. The numerical value of the vav is 6, according to gematria. It is a letter signifying completion because something that is surrounded on all six sides—north, south, east, west, above, below—is complete.

How complete are you? Are you capable of living fully within your six-sided experience and allowing others the same opportunity? Do any of your six sides suffer gaping holes of neglect or superdevelopment? For example, what is your relationship to the spiritual world above? Does the earth below frequently feel shaky or unstable? Do you constantly look toward the future; or fixate on what you’ve left behind? You may be oriented to living mostly in the flow of loving kindness (your left side), or be more reliant on boundaries, judgment, and structure (your right side).


Every Object Has Six Sides----Including You


The Natural Healing Cycle of Iyar

The moon cycle of Iyar is a time ripe for natural healing. The acronym of the Hebrew letters that spell Iyar mean, “I am God, your Healer” (Exodus 15:26). Using the vav as your guide, use these days of Iyar to bring gentle awareness and healing to the areas that need it most.  What do you want to attract from the future? Or let go of from the past? Could you benefit from a bit more discernment? Or a little more flow? Do you yearn for more connection to the Divine? Would you have more success if your physical environment was more stable? Your complete six-sided experiential life beckons to your health, your healing, your joy, your happiness

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